Cleveland CycleWerks is a privately held manufacturer that designs and assembles small displacement retro style cafe racers and bobbers at its headquarters in Cleveland Ohio, relying on offshore manufacturing in China by CPI Motor Company of Taiwan for most components including frames and the Honda-derived engine used on all models.

Tha Heist is a head-turning throwback to the hardtails of the 1940s, a motorbike that connects you to the road and will draw admiring eyes at every pass and stop. Designed and built by hand using the highest quality materials, tha Heist will be your loyal companion for hundreds of miles.
Success is in the details. Details such as braided stainless steel brake lines. Frames painted in clean rooms giving a bullet proof finish. Dual piston calipers. Oversized rotors. DOT approved tires. 1020 extruded tubing. You’ll love the beautiful high gloss paint and smooth finish.


    • The 250cc engine is a custom “CG” series engine manufactured by LIFAN. It has redesigned intake and exhaust tracks, and counterbalanced internals accompanied by a performance enhancing cam curve.

    • The brake lines are bonded braided stainless steel. Controls are high quality, durable, and they look great too. They integrate internal sealed bearings to provide smooth actuation and eliminate vibration.

    • The brake rotors are 290mm in the front and 240mm in the back. Stopping power is provided by dual piston calipers, which provide better feel and actuation.

    • The wheels use 4mm spokes for a custom look and minimized flexibility, leading to increased traction. The front wheel is 21” and rear wheel is 18”. While the industry standard is 42 and 38 spokes per wheel, our wheels are constructed with 72 spokes on the rear wheel and 62 on the front.

    • The front end was designed with more “trail” to enhance stability at higher speeds. This addresses high speed “float” often experienced with lightweight bikes.

    • Tha Heist is built with 1020 DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) extruded tubing to enhance strength and durability. 1020 DOM is used by custom builders of large bikes. Most production motorcycle frames are built with ERT tubing which is less expensive and less rigid.
    • The fuel tank and fender are fabricated from heavy gauge steel for durability. This steel is heavier than almost any other OEM bike on the market.

    • Small details are revealed in the hand stitched speed stitching on the seat cover.
    • The Cleveland CycleWerks Heist is a practical motorcycle developed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

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