Harley-Davidson Softail Fatboy

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  • R 139,900.00

Harley-Davidson Fatboy




1500Km (yes, really!)


Pristine example of an original Fatboy. Immaculate condition. Just if you're wondering about the low mileage, this bike was abducted by an alien spaceship 9 years ago. They examined her in order to find out what all hype is about the Harley-Davidson Fatboy model. If it's the good vibrations, or the fantastic sound, the good looks, or all three. Apparently they ticked all the boxes and dropped the bike off with us 9 space minutes later, which equals 9 years on planet earth. Obviously they couldn't ride much, there are no roads in space. Apart from the highway to hell, but maybe they haven't gone that far.


Anyway, now she's for sale for R149 900 only.


All cost included, what you see is what you pay.


Serviced by us with 1500Km


Nationwide Delivery included.


Call - 031 584 7015 / 6967
Cell - 064 742 0500
Email - sales@thebikerstore.co.za

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